Secure Cloud

Cloud means Software, Infrastructure or Platform as a Service, either accessed publicly or privately, often a mix in a hybrid model.

Your Cloud is like your people – vital, varied and unique – every business’s requirements are a little different from the next.

Whatever stage your Cloud utilisation is at, we can help take the next step up.

Professional services

All businesses use the cloud. How, why and to what extent is specific to each business. We provide the expertise to support getting the best out of the Cloud from end-users to IT strategy. This provides best value, security and competitive advantage. 

Our consultants will, through interactive listening, build a picture of what you need the Cloud to deliver. We will provide expertise to build a route map taking you from the present to this future state with a clear timeline and budget.

case study

Contracted to migrate to migrate to a hybrid Cloud model all the IT services necessary to manage a diverse server and end-user computing estate for a leading utility provider with 400 staff across the UK that invoice upwards of £3m every day via omni channel customer contact.



“Tier 1 quality MSP at Tier 2 pricing” which seamlessly onboared a legacy estate and delivered end-user computing support, network and data centre migration as well as introducing DRaaS and several key cloud-based technologies such as SharePoint Online, O365 and Teams within an integrated ITSM service desk running 365/24/7 in first year.


What’s your first step in getting cloud ready? How can you reduce on-premise infrastructure spend? With years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and supporting virtualised and Cloud environments for businesses of all sizes, we have strategic relationships with the world’s major providers of virtualisation and Cloud technologies, so you can realise the full benefits of virtualisation, increase your Cloud maturity and establish a framework for an easily adaptable and scalable IT environment that delivers the services, flexibility and capabilities that you need – both today and for the future.

Cloud Platforms

Cloud computing and virtualisation give you new opportunities to drive innovation, minimise your process, training and technology overheads and maximise competitiveness and business agility. As well as delivering quicker and cheaper access to compute resources, facilitating workforce mobility, enhancing collaboration and enabling wider initiatives (such as big data), Cloud computing and virtualisation lead to a more productive business where innovation thrives and products are brought to market quickly.

It’s not, however, simple and every business is different. We agnostically select cloud platforms to suit individual customer requirements, security first, and with functionality and cost-benefit following closely. 



We improve how ICT supports your business goals. 

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